Applying For an Account

At this time, there is little reason to apply for an account on the Pink Pistols National Website. The only persons who need to, or even should consider doing so are:

  • Persons who have been involved at the National level in the past,
  • Moderators of the National Pink Pistols Yahoo Groups,
  • Those assisting with official functions on the Pink Pistols Facebook or Google+ Pages,
  • or those approached to be official deputies of the First Speaker.

When there are more functions on the National website, such as forums, chat rooms, and other services, general user accounts will be validated, but at this time, only those who apply and send an email to the First Speaker (firstspeaker at pinkpistols dot org) explaining what username they applied under, who they are, and why they need an account, will be considered. Accounts will NOT be approved for the simple purpose of commenting on news articles just now, but will be later.

We thank you for your understanding while we get the website rebuilt.

Gwen Patton, First Speaker
Pink Pistols National

UPDATE: I asked that people refrain from applying for accounts unless they were one of the above. Since this was not honored, I have removed the account application facility for the time being. The above persons may send me an email and I will create their accounts BY HAND. This means more work for me, but the constant flood of validation emails from those who ignored my request grew frustrating. PLEASE, folks. When I post something here, I mean it.| | | |