Pink Pistols Is Not Engaged in Poster Campaign in Seattle Capitol Hill Area.


Pink Pistols Is Not Engaged in Poster Campaign in Seattle Capitol Hill Area.

Philadelphia, PA (PP National), Philadelphia, PA. Official statement from First Speaker Gwendolyn S. Patton regarding the posters of “Nale Dixon” and Oleg Volk found hung around the Capitol Hill area of Seattle for the past several days:

“After some checking around, our chapters in the area are not the source of these posters. We have asked Oleg Volk if he knows anything, and he is also unaware of anything specific. While the Pink Pistols is in the process of reopening its Seattle chapter, this is not related to these posters in any way, and is entirely coincidental.

“These posters were not created, or distributed around Seattle by the Pink Pistols. The Pink Pistols believes in the lawful self-defense of the GLBT community. Where it is lawful, we believe in the use of concealed firearms for this purpose, because those are statistically the best tools for the job. They are only properly used to defend against imminent death or grievous bodily harm. In the case of the poster with the two men by “Nale Dixon”, we take issue: A “homophobe giving us sh*t” would not qualify for self-defense using deadly force, unless it was in response to an attack that threatened death or serious bodily harm. This poster does not adequately address the core values of the Pink Pistols mission statement.

“The poster by Oleg Volk, however, is entirely acceptable. We believe that all persons, gay or straight, should have all of their rights all of the time. We believe that a person’s civil rights are worth defending. We believe that legislation should be the result of rational deliberation, with the purpose of addressing issues, instead of demagoguery, with the purpose of appeasing voters. We know that the sexual-minority community has long been the target of violence, bias, and irrational prejudice, and the crime statistics of the FBI prove this to be so. But, that said, we believe in the rule of law, and we believe in personal responsibility, and we believe in individual honor.

“Those who are offended by these posters, we cannot help you. We did not post them. Perhaps it was an individual, or another GLBT firearm organization.”

The Pink Pistols is the largest and oldest organization in North America advocating the use of lawfully-owned and carried firearms for the self-defense of the sexual minority community.

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