Pink Pistols Forum

Because Facebook does not give proper, effective tools for moderating posts, we’ve decided to switch the Facebook page to announce-only, and to provide a full-featured forum for members to use. This does not mean that the rules have changed — the Posting Guidelines are every bit as much in force as they were on the Facebook page, we’ve just separated things out a bit so those who want to talk about off-topic things can still talk about them, but those who don’t want to see those off-topic things don’t have to. When someone makes a minor error of posting etiquette, we can issue a simple warning that nobody else has to see, and not necessarily remove the post or the poster. We can, if we must, put someone on proper moderation, still allowing them to post, but requiring a moderator to approve their posts (Facebook only allows for moderator approval of ALL posts, not just those from specific persons. This is beyond our ability to administrate.)

So this is what’s happening:

  • We’re opening up the Pink Pistols Forum, hosted on this website.
  • The Posting Guidelines are still in effect.
  • The Facebook page will be announce-only for the time being.
  • The same moderators and admins will be on the Forum, with similar authority.

Please make a bookmark for the Forum page. Pink Pistols Forum

If you find that another message board with a different topic would be useful, please let a moderator know, and we’ll consider creating it. You may be asked to be a moderator on the board you suggest.

There is a known bug that sometimes causes the password reset email send to fail silently. We’re working on this. If you find yourself having this problem, send an email to the First Speaker ( and we’ll help you reset it manually. Don’t abuse this, please. Keep track of your passwords.